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In the country of Almeris, long before man built upon the land, portals appeared upon the landscape. Where they lead you ask? Cursed dungeons that fill heroes with the greed of an ancient evil!

Enter a dungeon to loot the most gold in order to be deemed worthy to escape. Bluffing and secrecy will be your best friends if you wish to escape the dungeons curse!

Vaults are littered around the twisting corridors. Will you risk your gold to silently bid on them? You have the chance to win all the gold in them! Or.. lose the gold you’ve invested.

Install instructions

1. Download and extract "Dungeon's Curse Print and Play".

2. Print all files within the folder, cutting out the tiles, tokens and cards for play

3. Follow game setup as described in the rulebook


Dungeon's Curse Print and Play.zip 1 MB

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